Criminal Law

Defending Your Rights in Criminal cases

At Robinson & Smart, P. C. our criminal defense attorney is board certified in criminal law. We will help you throughout the entire process of your criminal case.


Our legal practitioners have years of experience in helping clients through the most serious criminal cases. If you are being accused of a serious criminal offense, you can rely on us.


We provide legal solutions for clients who are facing misdemeanor charges. 

Federal and State Court

We are proud to have a criminal defense team experienced in handling both federal and state cases.

Capital Murder Defense

Our team is backed by three decades of experience. With our skill in research and court representation, we can help you handle your case with integrity and dignity.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

Let us help you resolve your DWI situation.

Drug Cases


We can help you through the legal process of removing your criminal conviction from your record. Consult with us for more details to see if you qualify.

Sexual Assault

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